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(about ZOOMHD...)

ZOOMHD Library is a high definition, stock footage video library customized for TV station’s creative services and marketing departments promotion and production needs. With great shots for TV news topicals, news promos, special reports, news image campaigns, and public service announcements to name a few, the library provides a wide range of high production value imagery designed specifically for television station producers and editors. Already licensed in many major markets, ZOOMHD Library is market exclusive, and presently contains over 5 hours (with new volumes added annually) of fresh, relevant high quality footage for producers to use with no additional fees, requests or paperwork. The entire library is delivered to the TV station in whatever HD format they choose, and is at their fingertips for the length of the license. ZOOMHD’s Director and DP have years of high-end commercial TV news promotion experience and are uniquely qualified, and dedicated, to meeting the specialized needs of local TV stations.

ZOOMHD Library was started by Director Peter Churchman and DP Bill Burke to satisfy the needs of local TV stations for a Hi-Def library with compelling, usable imagery. Having worked with CSD’s, News Directors and GM’s for many years, Peter and Bill have a unique perspective on what sorts of shots producers and editors want and can use. They are committed to growing and modifying the imagery to keep up with the changes and demands of local TV stations.

  Peter Churchman

Peter's Reel


Peter has produced and directed hundreds of spots promoting local TV news, in dozens of markets ranging from NY, LA, and Chicago to Fresno, Albany, Seattle, Philadelphia and Orlando. He continues to produce/direct spots through his production company, Churchman Productions, while working on developing and designing ZOOMHD Library with DP Bill Burke.

  Bill Burke